VA – Dystopic Future Compiled by TIJAH

VA – Dystopic Future Compiled by TIJAH

Label: Uroboros Records

Release date: April 18, 2017

Catalog number: URB051

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The Dystopia is thought, philosophy or the discursive process based on a fiction whose value represents the antithesis of the utopian or promotes the experience in a “negative utopia.” They are generally characterized by totalitarianism, authoritarianism as well as an oppressive control of society. And the society becomes corruptible, norms created for the common good are flexible, so technology is used as a tool of control, whether it be the state, institutions or even corporations.
Unlike the utopias, concretized in eras totally different from the current world, the dystopias are deeply rooted the way we live. Most dystopias have some connection to our world, but often in an imagined future or a parallel world. In addition, dystopia was caused as a result of human action or inaction, misbehavior or ignorance.


released April 18, 2017

Compiled by Tijah (Brazil)
Mastered by ZarTr0X (Brazil)
Artwork by Magnori (Brazil)


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