Myrtox – Loud Silence EP

Myrtox – Loud Silence EP

Label: Uroboros Records

Release date: January 30, 2017

Catalog number: URB049

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Myrtox brings with his new “Loud Silence” EP dark atmosphere, pumping basslines and crunchy sounddesign. It includes one remix of Radioactive.Cake and a other track was created in collaboration with Enigma. Loud Silence will take you on a journey into the dark dimensions of the progressive Underground.

released January 30, 2017

Track 1, W.& P. by Fabi Schne.
Track 2, W.& P. by Fabi Schne and Michel Naous.
Track 3, W. & P. by Robert Hundt and remixed by Fabi Schne.
Mastered by Anti-Logic, Berlin – Germany.
Artwork by Felipe NoiZe.