Gaz Mask – All is Vibration

Gaz Mask – All is Vibration

Label: Uroboros Records

Release date: 21 November, 2016

Catalog number: URO048

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The sound is a form of energy caused by vibration; combining with rhythm, results in music. The vibrations pass into the atmosphere in the form of wave propagation when then the human ear becomes able to catch them, the brain is left to do the interpretation to make sense.
Sound, light and perfume are vibratory modifications of the same element, just as the white light when pierced in a prism unfolds in a diversity of colors, is from the unfolding of a single primordial sound that we can call “cosmic sound” or “universal vibration” that arise the different sounds of different frequencies, is the principle of unity in the diversity and connection of human existence on Earth as a whole through these vibrations, a living organism of which we are part, for everything is vibration, flow and energy.On Gaz Mask visions a universal connection that conveys the peace of feeling in harmony in a natural environment.

released November 21, 2016

W & P by Felipo Justo, Brasil.
Track 9 and 11, W & P by Buno Azalim, Remixed by Felipo Justo.
Mastered by Andreh Torres , RD Studios. Brasil
Artwork by Artwork by Julio Mirim.(Brazil) & Rodrigo Fuentes a.k.a Rifs.(Chile)