Xenoscapes is a project that bubbled forth from a primordial pit of psychedelic energy with in the mind of 24 year old Benny Mcgrigor. Taking form as a dark atmospheric style of progressive techno it began in the hills of NNSW experimenting, expanding and constantly evolving before making its odyssey into SEQ and out beyond the known realms of reality, sound and the universe. 2010 Brings Benny one year closer to creating his ideal soundscape of dark minimal tunes.Its an eary atmospheric form of music created by the dark mechanical creatures within his imagination that have been slowly brooding and growing from with in unknown realms since before he was created. The time has come for it to manifest on the dance floor, the gateway into this world. Now it is up to the the human minds to decide if this sound can fully take form on this Earth.

VA - Cyberpunk Chronicles Vol.3 (2011)

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