Dj Styx is 33 year old Transylvania Saxon born Hans Reiner Reisenauer. He grew up in Sibiu and after the revolution in 1989 moved to south Germany,where he began to passionately mix music in 1995. He started off by playing break beats and d'n'b on vinyl before getting in to house, progressive techno and even electro. Throughout his development in music styles, distinct trance elements have always been part of his sets.

Around 5 years into mixing, during travels in Australia influenced by his gathered experiences at parties, he started to almost uniquely play psytrance – and this is what he has been doing ever since. This passion for psychedelic trance was the setting stone for his involvement in the German based Schmox-Family project, the Italian label "Fabula Records" and the founding of his own "Dreamtime Productions" organization in Romania. He has continued to explore all faces and tempos of trance and now mostly plays unique dark progressive and forest sets with a funky touch! Since 2010 he is officially part of the Brazilian label "Uroboros".

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