Involved with music since very young, Dj Moika has met electronic music in 1998. Getting closer with psytrance culture since 2002, Moika started DJing in 2006, having performed in major partys and festivals in the state, as Lua Nova Festival, Independence Festival, Earthdance, OM.Progject, Outro Mundo, Moon Light Festival, Sunshine, among others. Today he is recognized as one of the pioneers of the Dark Prog Sets in the state. Moika is known to operate in his sets sounds more serious, creating an atmosphere of great psychedelia on stage where you step always showing versatility . Almost 2 years ago he has founded a collective of musical production, True Chain Co. , with a proposal to rescue the underground psychedelic scene. It produces a monthly party dedicated to the low beat, especially Psy Prog, the Rockers - Psychedelic Progressive Party. Currently, Moika is focussing his work in musical production, which seeks to explore dark psychedelic experimental progressive sounds.

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