V/A Conflict Zone

V/A Conflict Zone

Label: Uroboros Records

Release date: November 18, 2015

Catalog number: UR0041

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Conflicts exist since the beginning of mankind, they are part of human evolution and they are required for our development and growth. It is the source of new ideas, they allow the expression and exploration of different values, interests and viewpoints. The conflict can be considered necessary when we don’t want to enter into a process of stagnation. The management of situations of inner conflicts is essential for people as a source of change, because the conflicting tensions, it rises and internal growth and internal acceptance.
Dealing with conflict involves trying to break some stereotypes prevailing because the lack of awareness and stagnation of less developed beings in our midst. Based on this idea we present an innovative compilation conceived by Dj Subconscient; bringing this selection your point of view peculiar to regard their own related discoveries will underground psychedelic sound, with tracks produced by artists who reflect sound art through a new process of change, awareness and inner musical experience. A new process of understanding and enlightenment transformed by the opaque darkness of the Conflict Zone.


released November 18, 2015

Artwork by Kadu Magnori, Brasil
Mastered by Andre Torres, Rd Studios, Brasil.