Ancient knowledge

Ancient knowledge

Label: Uroboros Records

Release date: December 25, 2015

Catalog number: UR0042

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Man has always been seeking for altered states of consciousness, because in these states he is capable of accessing infinite knowledge. Since the dawn of humanity, man had different ways of getting in those trance states, all of them guided by the Shamans, the ones responsible for translating the message received in those states, that could be induced by music, psychedelics, chants and many other ways. The psychedelic music is the connection between the tribal ways to access those altered states and the contemporary technology to enhance the stimulation of our brain. That knowledge was hidden for centuries, now its open for those who seek to dive into deeper layers of their consciousness and connect themselves to the source of creation, offspring of ultimate knowledge. This release is a collaboration between two labels focused on serious psychedelic trance music, and all the artists featured in this release created their music using the tribal ritual as their center line. This release is going to be free for all, because we believe true knowledge should never be kept private of segregated. For those who want to explore the unknown realms of altered states, the same way our ancestor did, we highly recommend you experience this Ancient Knowledge!

Copiled by dj Flek


released December 25, 2015

Artwork by Guilherme Gasparini, Brasil
Mastered by Andre Torres, Rd Studios, Brasil.